Director of Business Services

Oran Park Anglican College

Oran Park, NSW 

Business / Finance Manager

Contract Type: Permanent/Ongoing Position Full Time

Applications Close: 13 February 2023

Oran Park Anglican College is seeking a Director of Business Services for a new position overseeing financial, administrative and corporate support functions of the College.

<p><b>(New position) </b></p><p>Oran Park Anglican College is a vibrant learning community in one of the fastest growing areas of Southwest Sydney. Catering for over 1,000 students Prep – Year 12 in modern, purpose-built facilities the College has established its reputation as providing a calm learning environment with strong pastoral support. We value academic rigor, strong pastoral care, service-learning opportunities, thriving sporting programs and excellence in the creative and performing arts. </p><p>In a recent School Review the College was described as a “positive, joyful community where the care of students was paramount”. </p><p>As the College continues to grow it has become necessary to create a new role of Director of Business Services who will work closely with the Principal to lead the business operations of the College. Our Director of Business Services will develop and support our Administration and Property team, ensuring we provide outstanding support and service to our staff, students and their families. </p><h4>Position Summary </h4><p>The Director of Business Services is responsible to the Principal for all financial, administrative and corporate support functions of the College, including, but not limited to; the annual budget, human resources, grounds and maintenance, accounts payable and receivable, risk and compliance and regulatory reporting. The Director of Business Services will be closely involved in the development and implementation of the College’s strategic plan as a key member of the College Executive team. The successful applicant will also work with Group Office staff of The Anglican Schools Corporation, which Oran Park Anglican College is part of. </p><p><b>Reports to:</b> Principal </p><p><b>Remuneration:</b> Remuneration for this position will be commensurate with qualifications, skills and experience. The position will attract four weeks annual leave and an additional two weeks holiday leave (non-accruable) to be taken during school vacation periods. </p><p><b>Minimum Hours: </b>Full Time, Permanent position. Office Hours are 8 am – 4 pm, although an understanding is required that the role will require greater hours than this. </p><p><b>Full Time Equivalent (FTE):</b> 1.0 </p><p><b>Positions who report to this role:</b> Accounts Coordinator, Compliance Coordinator, Property Manager, Enrolments Coordinator, and other Administrative staff. </p><p><b>Commencement Date:</b> To be negotiated. </p><p><b>Dress Code:</b> Oran Park Anglican College requires staff to dress in a professional manner, fitting of an independent school. </p><h4>Major Responsibilities </h4><p>The Director of Business Services seeks to develop excellence in the delivery of the financial services and organisational practices across the College. The Director of Business Services is responsible to the Principal for providing key leadership and management of the following areas: </p><h5>Strategic and Executive Leadership </h5><ul><li>Promote the College’s vision, mission and strategic intentions to foster a learning community in which every student is given the opportunity to realise their full potential in educational, spiritual, sporting, cultural and personal pursuits </li><li>Ensure effective team leadership in line with a culture of collaboration that underpins the organisational structure of the College </li><li>Provide public support and loyalty to the Principal and other professional colleagues </li><li>Act as a role model, personally and professionally </li><li>Make an active contribution as a member of the College Executive Team </li><li>Contribute to the development of College policy </li><li>Contribute to the processes of forward planning </li><li>Foster a supportive environment for staff </li><li>Promote harmony and cohesion within the College </li><li>Inform the Principal of all relevant matters </li><li>Demonstrate experience and a commitment to responsible use of College resources </li></ul><h5></h5><h4></h4><h5>Leader of College business services: </h5><ul><li>Foster and promote excellence in the College’s Administration, Accounts and Operations staff </li><li>Oversee payroll related matters, including processing of employment contracts </li><li>Maintain personnel files for all employees including the maintenance of an up to date Single Central Register </li><li>Assist staff with payroll-related matters including superannuation and salary packaging, in consultation with the Corporation salary packaging provider </li><li>Work with the Principal and Executive staff regarding industrial relations issues (including employment agreements, statutory requirements, etc.) </li><li>In collaboration with the Compliance Coordinator and Property Manager ensure safe and appropriate physical resources for the College are maintained </li><li>Oversee the provision of financial management assistance to the Parents &amp; Friends Association ensuring all expenses and income are accounted for to the Principal and Council; support the P&amp;F Treasurer to meet financial constitutional and ACNC reportable responsibilities </li><li>Manage the administrative and non-teaching support staff ensuring that all these staff are completing their professional duties in a personable manner </li><li>Coordinate and oversee other corporate functions such as Human Resources, Grounds and Maintenance, Asset Management and Capital Works, Risk, Legal and Compliance </li></ul><h5>Leader of College finances: </h5><ul><li>Assist with the preparation of the annual operating and capital budget in consultation with the Principal ensuring alignment with the vision, mission and strategic objectives of the College as determined by the College Council and the Corporation </li><li>Closely monitor overall budget performance, including review and input to the monthly Financial Report prepared by Group Office </li><li>Assist with the Financial Year end audit process for the College managed by Group Office </li><li>Review, oversee and implement the College financial systems and procedures to ensure the integrity of the College financial records</li><li>Key parent contact for all financial matters including College fees and charges</li><li>Liaise with Group Office in respect of the timely and efficient collection of College fees, reviewing student bursaries and making recommendations to the Principal when families require fee relief </li><li>Ensure that all government requirements for funding and compliance are satisfied including the preparation of Student Census, Fringe Benefits Tax and other requirements, as necessary </li><li>Oversee the processing of the College’s purchases and payments in a timely manner in accordance with creditor terms and Corporation guidelines in collaboration with the Accounts Coordinator </li><li>Coordinate grant applications in consultation with ASC Group office </li></ul><h5>Leader of People and Community </h5><ul><li>Model effective, fair and just management of staff within a restorative practice framework </li><li>Promote processes that encourage communication, consultation and teamwork within the College community </li><li>Communicate, coordinate and collaborate with the Principal, Executive and other professional colleagues, as required </li><li>Oversee and support Administration, Accounts and Operations staff to ensure organisational effectiveness and efficiency and build a positive team culture </li><li>Ensure that College staff are regularly informed of policies, procedures and operational issues related to their employment at the College </li><li>Act as the College Return to Work Coordinator and liaison point for workers compensation matters </li><li>Communicate effectively with parents and staff </li></ul><h5>Leader of WHS, Risk, Policy and Compliance </h5><ul><li>Ensure that organisational practices within the College are consistent with the values of the College </li><li>In collaboration with the Executive team ensure the Risk Register is monitored and updated. </li><li>In collaboration with the Compliance Coordinator ensure all relevant areas comply with Work Health and Safety standards </li><li>Oversee adherence to policies and practices across the College and manage regular review and assurance processes </li><li>Ensure that the Principal is appropriately informed about policy and compliance issues </li><li>Oversee the College’s delegations of authority, including policy development, control, implementation and ongoing review and management </li></ul><h5>Executive Requirements </h5><ul><li>Other duties may be required from time to time as directed by the Principal </li><li>Representation at out of school hours events </li><li>Professional and Personal Attributes </li></ul><h4>Essential criteria for this role include: </h4><ul><li>A committed Christian and an active member of a church </li><li>Capacity to contribute openly and positively to the College Executive </li><li>Proven leadership experience and the ability to work effectively and collegially to create a working environment of mutual respect and collaboration </li><li>Display high levels of time management and organisational skills </li><li>Well organised, proactive, loyal, honest, discreet, calm and competent leader/manager with a strong sense of serving the College community in achieving its vision </li><li>High level of competency in the Microsoft suite and experience with other corporate IT systems </li><li>Problem solving and lateral thinking skills </li><li>Excellent interpersonal and written and verbal communication skills and experience to adapt people style and approach as appropriate </li><li>Sensitive handling of matters of a confidential nature </li><li>Proactive, energetic, resilient and having sound judgement </li><li>An appropriate tertiary qualification in human resource management, business and/or accounting </li><li>More than 2 years successful experience in a comparable role </li></ul><h4>Additional Information</h4><p><b>References: </b>Provide three (3) referees one of whom should be the Minister of the Christian community you serve within, who can support your application. </p><p><b>Salary: </b>Remuneration for this position will be commensurate with qualifications, skills and experience. </p><p><b>Child Safety:</b> Oran Park Anglican College is committed to child safety. All members of staff are required to comply with applicable child protection legislation and are responsible for ensuring that the College’s Child Safe policies, procedures and programs are at the forefront of all we do. As such, the successful applicant will be expected to satisfy child protection screening and adhere to the College’s Child Safe Policy and Code of Conduct. </p><p><b>WHS:</b> Oran Park Anglican College acknowledges that the health, safety and wellbeing of people and the provision of a safe working and learning environment are central to the values of the College. The successful applicant will be provided with their WHS responsibilities at the time of appointment. </p><p><b>Note</b>: All positions evolve over time and as such, the position description should be viewed as a guide with the full expectation that other duties as required will be a natural part of the role. The role will continue to evolve in consultation with the Principal. </p><h4>The Application Process </h4><p>Applicants are required to: </p><ul><li>Complete the “Application for employment – Non Teaching” form (found under the Employment tab on our website) </li><li>Provide a 1-2 page cover letter which details your experience and demonstrates your ability to meet the essential criteria for this position, including a statement of personal Christian faith. </li><li>Curriculum Vitae of no more than 4 pages </li></ul><p>Applications must be addressed to <b>Mrs Naomi Wilkins, Principal of Oran Park Anglican College</b>. The preferred method is via email to employment&#64; in one PDF document. </p><p>The closing date is <b>Friday 13 February 2023 </b></p><p><i>Interviewing and appointment may occur prior to closing date </i></p><p><br /></p><p> </p><p> </p><p> </p><p> </p><p> </p><p> </p><p> </p><p> </p><p> </p><p> </p><p> </p><p> </p><p> </p><p> </p><p> </p>
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