Primary Teacher's Aide - 48 hours F/N - Temporary Part Time

Santa Sophia Catholic College - Box Hill (see more jobs from this school)

Box Hill, NSW 

Learning Support / Teacher's Aide

Contract Type: Contract Position Part Time

Applications Close: 12 December 2022

Santa Sophia Catholic College is looking for a passionate and dedicated Teacher's Aide to provide assistance in the form of support to teachers, individuals and/ or groups of students in a classroom setting within an inclusive framework.

<p><b>Location: </b>Santa Sophia Catholic College - Box Hill</p><p>The Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta is looking for a passionate and dedicated Teacher's Aide to provide support and assistance to our teachers.</p> <p>Teacher's Aides are accountable for:</p> <ul> <li dir="ltr" style="list-style-type: disc"> <p dir="ltr">Provide in-class support to enable teachers to flexibly address the needs of all students</p> </li> <li dir="ltr" style="list-style-type: disc"> <p dir="ltr">Assisting teachers in the learning spaces by supporting the students in the understanding of information, completion of tasks and development of skills</p> </li> <li dir="ltr" style="list-style-type: disc"> <p dir="ltr">Implement specific skill training and/or reinforcement of skills</p> </li> <li dir="ltr" style="list-style-type: disc"> <p dir="ltr">Ensuring that they are building capacity of students to complete tasks independently</p> </li> <li dir="ltr" style="list-style-type: disc"> <p dir="ltr">Assisting the specialist and/or mainstream class teachers in the preparation of teaching/resource materials</p> </li> <li dir="ltr" style="list-style-type: disc"> <p dir="ltr">Supervising individual or small groups of students in the learning space, playground, passive play area or beyond the school&nbsp;</p> </li> <li dir="ltr" style="list-style-type: disc"> <p dir="ltr">Supervising and supporting students during scheduled breaks such as recess and lunch</p> </li> <li dir="ltr" style="list-style-type: disc"> <p dir="ltr">Attending Personalised Planning meetings when required</p> </li> <li dir="ltr" style="list-style-type: disc"> <p dir="ltr">Implementing aspects of students’ Personalised Plans as decided at the planning meeting</p> </li> <li dir="ltr" style="list-style-type: disc"> <p dir="ltr">Assisting with the orientation and transition of new students to the classroom</p> </li> <li dir="ltr" style="list-style-type: disc"> <p dir="ltr">Provide physical assistance and/or personal care to students (i.e. toileting support)</p> </li> <li dir="ltr" style="list-style-type: disc"> <p dir="ltr">Undertaking appropriate levels of personal and professional development to support the role</p> </li> <li dir="ltr" style="list-style-type: disc"> <p dir="ltr">Perform specific tasks as directed by the Principal or their delegate in response to changing needs.&nbsp;</p> </li> </ul> <p dir="ltr"><strong>Knowledge, Skills and Experience</strong></p> <p dir="ltr">Candidates typically require knowledge and training equivalent to the completion of certificate III, or completion of year 12 or completion of certificate II, with relevant work experience in supporting students with diverse needs.&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p dir="ltr"><strong>The Organisation</strong></p> <p><span>Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta provides quality learning and teaching in a faith-centred environment in its primary and secondary schools and for early learning and out of school hours care centres in western Sydney. One of the largest employers in western Sydney, our recruitment, selection and appointment processes reflect our purpose and intent:&nbsp;to provide quality Catholic schooling by strengthening the professional lives of staff, and to improve&nbsp;the learning outcomes for each student within a Catholic faith community.</span></p> <p>&nbsp;</p>
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