Work Less, Teach More, Be Active, Have Fun

Got Game Central

Alexandria, NSW 

Primary Teacher

Teaching Subject: PDHPE , Physical Education , Dance

Contract Type: Casual/Relief Position

Applications Close: 30 December 2022

84% of teachers are thinking of quitting because they are stressed, overworked and unsatisfied in the schooling system. Do you want your life back? Do you want a sustainable career? Do you want to be part of a fun & social team? Do you want to be fit & active teaching primary PE? Do you want VISA sponsorship?

<p>We provide the perfect work-life balance, allowing you to focus on teaching, exclusive to physical education, eliminating after-hours responsibilities, while creating a fulfilling and sustainable teaching career.</p><p>If this sounds like an enticing opportunity and you are suited to teaching PE, sports or dance to primary aged students, then please read on.</p><p>Our positions are always highly sought after, with over 250 applicants this year alone! Although qualifications and teaching experience are important, we are seeking those that have proven evidence of excellent performance in everything they do.</p><p>We are unlike other companies and schools, we are the most professional, we have a fun and exciting team culture, our team members are sporty and social, and stay with us on average 4 years. We are preferred by schools due to our teacher reputations and dedication to PE, and are creating long-term careers paying up to $120,000 p.a. </p><p>Opportunities currently available are;</p><ul><li>Casual at $55 per hour</li><li>Contract at $17,500 per term (block)</li><li>Contract at $3,500 for 10 days</li><li>Full time starts at $65,000 to $80,000</li></ul><p>The working hour responsibilities are quite high, so you are required to be prepared and highly productive from 8.30 to 4 weekdays. In return the rewards are very satisfying as you will work less and teach more, while being part of a supporting team that is bridging the gap between primary schools and passionate PE teachers.</p><p><b>At <a href="" rel="nofollow">Got Game</a> you;</b></p><ol><li>Never work more than 38 hours per week</li><li>Teach physical education 100% of the time </li><li>Are provided with lesson plans for each activity </li><li>Teach different grades each day </li><li>Part of a fun &amp; enthusiastic team culture<br /></li><li>Provided mentoring, training &amp; VISA sponsorship</li><li>Approved leave every school holiday break</li><li>Career advancement opportunities paying up to $120K </li><li>Benefit from a 21-year esteemed reputation</li></ol><p><b>At Got Game you <u>do not</u>;</b></p><ol><li>Spend 49.5 hours per week on school related activities (DET stat)</li><li>Teach the other 7 learning areas</li><li>Do unit planning and lesson preparation daily </li><li>Have the same class all day, term &amp; year</li><li>Partake in school religious and/or social obligations</li><li>Get stuck with behaviour problems all day or year!</li><li>Have the pressure of NAPLAN scores </li><li>Have the pressure of Principals &amp; Parents </li><li>Endure a career with a <a href="" rel="nofollow">40% drop out rate</a> (NESA stat)</li></ol><p>If you want to be part of something new &amp; exciting, <a href="" rel="nofollow">Apply</a> today!</p><p> </p><p> </p><p> </p><p> </p><p> </p><p> </p><p> </p><p> </p>
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