Full or Part-time Design and Tech roles (workshop, cookery, horticulture)



Middle School Teacher

Teaching Subject: Building and Construction , Design , Engineering Studies , Food Technology / Nutrition , Graphics , Home Economics , Hospitality , Industrial Technology , Technology , VET

Contract Type: Permanent/Ongoing Position Full Time

Applications Close: 11 December 2022

Two postions available (negotiable 0.8FTE to 1.0FTE) for teachers or VET trainers with skills and/or qualification in: - Industrial design, wood work, metal work, construction, furnishing; or, - Cookery, hospitality, kitchen garden, permaculture or horticulture.

<p>Nestled in 20 hectares of bush in the picturesque Huon Valley region, Tasmania, Peregrine is an alternative, independent school where community and connection come first, and where learning is valued in everything.</p><p>We believe in the capacity of our young people and support them to take risks in their play, their learning and their aspirations. Our student-centred, strengths-based approach encourages curiosity, creativity and compassion and is mastery based, regardless of age or year level. </p><p><b>Applications are open for two educators to join our team. We are keen to hear from educators with experience in either: </b></p><ul><li><b>upper primary/middle years and/or <br /></b></li><li><b>secondary levels</b></li></ul><p><b>We will consider all applications, but it would be highly advantageous if you had a Vocational Education and Training (VET) background and/or your own qualifications or refined skills in: </b></p><ul><li><b>Industrial design, wood work, metal work, construction, furnishing; or,</b></li><li><b>Cookery, hospitality, kitchen garden, permaculture or horticulture.</b></li></ul><p><b><br /></b><b>These positions are negotiable at 0.8 to 1.0 full-time equivalency (FTE), and will commence in January, 2023. </b></p><p>We have children across our middle and secondary programs who love learning in the workshop, kitchen, and/or garden and we are keen to explore hands-on education with pathways to vocational education in mind. We are looking for educators who are keen to shape these programs by laying foundational learning across primary and secondary age groups, eventually moving towards designing and delivering VET programs to year 9 - 12. We currently do not have a senior secondary program, just in an exploring phase at this stage.</p><p>Next year, there are opportunities for these two teachers to lead exciting projects, such as: working alongside children to design and convert a Victorian Rail tram into a student learning space as well as the design and development of a large kitchen garden and improved kitchen cookery space.</p><p>These teachers would also teach literacy and numeracy fluency through the lens of these practical, hands-on areas of learning.</p><p><br /></p><p>We will assess each application as it is received, so we encourage interested teachers to apply soon or to get in touch with any questions you may have. We are open to online video interviews in the early stages of our recruitment process and are also happy to arrange school tours for interested applicants. </p><p>We are always looking for educators who are the right fit for our school, so we will accept applications from teachers who may not meet this brief. Tell us about your philosophy, strengths and what you can do. Perhaps you’re the person we are looking for!</p><p>More information on each of these positions can be found here: https://www.peregrine.tas.edu.au/employment/ </p><p>Please apply through our website.</p>


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