Head of Outdoor Education

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Head of Faculty / Department

Teaching Subject: Outdoor Education

Contract Type: Permanent/Ongoing Position Full Time

Applications Close: 11 December 2022

The Head of Outdoor Education will be responsible for developing and managing exciting and engaging programmes to increase student engagement and learning outcomes within the requirements of the Australian Curriculum. Outdoor Education is a very popular subject at the College and provides opportunities for students both within curricular and co-curricular areas.

<p>  This position is expected to discharge the following duties and responsibilities: </p><p>• Provide opportunities to engage students in a variety of learning experiences where students are encouraged and supported in achieving personal excellence. </p><p>• Manage the development and delivery of an outdoor education curriculum that challenges individuals in an age-appropriate and safe manner, teaching a range of practical and personal skills. </p><p>• Provide students with a positive role model through their actions as a committed Catholic educator. </p><p>• Teach classes in line with courses of study developed by the Department and in accordance with the requirements of the Australian Curriculum. </p><p>• Be able to assist students with individual and group work in accordance with the work requirements outlined in course of studies. </p><p>• Demonstrate leadership in developing engaging curriculum and teaching strategies for staff. </p><p>• Work as part of a team of teachers in planning, delivering, assessing and reviewing curriculum. </p><p>• Manage the scheduling, planning and operation of all programmes and Outdoor Education activities. </p><p>• Promote the Outdoor Education programme to the parents and broader community as required. </p><p>• Work as part of a team to ensure compliance with relevant legislative, regulatory and best practice guidelines relevant to an outdoor education program. </p><p><br /></p>
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