Primary Religious Education Coordinator and Leader of Catholic Identity and Mission

St Mary's Primary School - Warners Bay



Teaching Subject: Religious Studies

Contract Type: Permanent/Ongoing Position Full Time

Applications Close: 7 July 2022

St Mary's Primary School is seeking a permanent full-time REC with a temporary appointment as as Leader of Catholic Identity and Mission.

St Mary's Primary School Warners Bay&nbsp;is seeking a permanent full-time Religious Education Coordinator with a&nbsp;temporary appointment as as Leader of Catholic Identity and Mission.<br>This role will commence ASAP with the Leader of Catholic Identity and Mission appointment being until the end of 2023.&nbsp;This role attracts an additional 0.2FTE&nbsp;release to fulfill the Leader of Catholic Identity and Mission&nbsp;temporary appointment.<br><br>St Mary's Primary School, Warners Bay is a systemic Catholic school in the Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle, situated in the Parish of Boolaroo and Warners Bay.<br>It is a safe, welcoming and caring environment where students are encouraged to become lifelong learners and discerning individuals able to use their knowledge and skills for their own good and for the good of society.&nbsp;<br><br>&nbsp;<br><br>Teachers in a Catholic school have a unique role to play and are assigned with the task of ensuring each child has the opportunity to grow both academically and spiritually and to live purposeful lives.<br>The teacher will promote the school as a place of learning and excellence in accordance with contemporary evidence-based learning and wellbeing principles (including digital learning) and will ensure the ongoing development and implementation of pedagogical practices that impact on student learning outcomes.&nbsp; The teacher will acknowledge and agree to the requirement to work within the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers.<br><br>The Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle is committed to safeguarding children and vulnerable adults, preventing those in our care from suffering abuse or neglect, and is committed to being compliant with the National Principles for Child Safe Organisations and the National Catholic Safeguarding Standards.<br><br><br><head3><b>POSITION DESCRIPTION</b></head3><br><br>Religious Education Coordinator:<br><br>In the Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle, Religious Education Co-ordinators (RECs) are recognised and acknowledged as significant religious leaders for our primary school communities. They are members of the school executive team and are tasked with the role of supporting the Principal and Parish Priest in promoting and affirming the Catholic culture, identity and mission of the school.<br><br>RECs represent the school and the teaching profession in the community, especially the parish. They are professional, ethical and respected individuals within and outside the school.<br><br>RECs develop and shape a shared vision focused on providing quality and educational experiences and learning outcomes for all students.<br><br>Leader of Catholic Identity and Mission:<br><br>The&nbsp;role of&nbsp;“Leader of Catholic Identity and Mission” is a recognition of a new dimension of the REC role which has emerged over recent years as the impact of the shift from schools for Catholics, to Catholic school’s, has become more apparent. This has resulted in increasing work load for REC’s. Ensuring the unique Catholic context of the school, the orientation of staff, parents and students to this requires, particular care and attention. &nbsp;Similarly the need to engage in a constant cycle of reflection through the Continuum of School Improvement requires a sharp focus on the identified area for improvement in the area of Catholic Identity. The model is a trial, it not pre-determined and may emerge in a different format after evaluation by the CSO or not at all.
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