Primary Class Teacher

Lorien Novalis School for Rudolf Steiner Education


Primary Teacher

Contract Type: Permanent/Ongoing Position Full Time

Applications Close: 9 December 2021

We are seeking a teacher who has experience in Rudolf Steiner Education to teach Class 1 in 2022 with the aim to continue with the class through their Primary YEARS.

<p>AN INVITATION FOR A CLASS TEACHER AT LORIEN NOVALIS SCHOOL </p><p>Commencement Term One in 2022 </p><p>We have a delightful group of children who are keen to commence their Primary school journey as Class 1 in 2022 with a teacher who is as enthusiastic as they are. They promise they will bring out the best in you. They will inspire you to bring living and artistic learning experiences. They love their teachers, and will especially love the teacher they can call their own, one they can have for their Primary school journey. </p><p>Lorien Novalis Steiner School is situated in the Hills District of Sydney, about 45 minutes to the northwest of the city, nestled in lush bushlands and landscaped gardens. The school has been offering a rich and creative Steiner curriculum for 50 years and has built a strong reputation for the diverse and engaging education that it provides. </p><p>As a class teacher at Lorien Novalis, you would find yourself working closely with a cohesive group of colleagues, specialist teachers and Heads of Faculties to deliver a rich learning program that is artistic and alive and provides a wide range of educational experiences in keeping with the school’s creative curriculum indications. Weekly mentoring sessions are offered to maintain support, as well as scheduled time away from the classroom to complete your other duties. </p><p>If you are keen to take on this young group, and have taught in a Steiner school, or partaken in training in Steiner Education, we would be eager to hear from you. </p><p>With undoubted attributes you hold, we would additionally seek qualities and strengths, such as: </p><p>• Willingness to work with Lorien Novalis’ ethos. </p><p>• Ability to create a nurturing environment in which to support children’s education. </p><p>• Enthusiasm for the art of teaching. </p><p>• Passion and talent in the arts such as painting, drawing, music, speech, eurythmy, music and drama. </p><p>• Skills in soft or hard handcrafts. </p><p>• Skills in guiding children in camping and outdoor activities that support the school’s outdoor education program. </p><p>• Able to work collegially and collaboratively with other teachers and staff as part of the vibrant learning community. </p><p>• Demonstrate a high level of oral and interpersonal skills, appreciating the importance of discretion, tact and confidentiality in dealing with staff, parents, students and the public at all levels. </p><p>Your general tasks would include: </p><p>• Teaching the class according to the school’s curriculum. </p><p>• Attending after school professional development including teacher meetings, artistic lessons and other study sessions. </p><p>• Taking responsibility for undertaking continued self-study of Steiner Education and Anthroposophy. </p><p>• Maintaining documentation and completing student and other reporting and other necessary administrative tasks. </p><p>• Having qualifications to be registered with NESA – NSW Educational Standards Authority. (Conditional or Provisional Accreditation accepted) </p><p>• Holding a current WWCC </p><p>Salaries are determined by the school via The Independent School’s MEA and are set according to qualifications and years of experience. </p><p>Please contact us if you have any further queries, and applications would be best emailed in one PDF that includes your resume, three referees and a covering letter addressing the following: </p><p>• Knowledge, experience and/or training in Steiner Education </p><p>• Skills and experiences the arts and crafts </p><p>• Skills and experiences in outdoor activities </p><p>• Your qualifications </p><p>• Details of registration with NESA NSW </p><p>• WWCC details </p><p>To: Dr Konrad Korobacz (Principal) konradk&#64; and Vivien Sievers, (Head of Primary School) vivients&#64; </p><p>Applications close on 9th December 2021. </p><p><br /></p>
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