Head of Learning Enrichment

Green Valley Islamic College


Head of Faculty / Department

Teaching Subject: Gifted and Talented , Special Needs

Contract Type: Permanent/Ongoing Position Full Time

Applications Close: 8 March 2021

Green Valley Islamic College (GVIC) is a co-educational school situated in Sydney’s South West. GVIC places a stringent emphasis on fostering a collaborative and productive working environment for its staff, a superior learning experience for its students and an ecosystem in which both students, parents, staff and stakeholders can work together to achieve excellence in every regard.

<p>In developing an environment conducive to success, GVIC is developed around key principles pertaining to respect, ownership, caring, knowledge and safety and encompasses qualities including but not limited to perseverance, leadership, teamwork, integrity and faith. GVIC places emphasis on quality and consequently, success in all aspects of its broad offering comprising:</p><ul><li>Extensive academic support to students </li><li>A plethora of academic and sporting opportunities </li><li>A workforce committed and dedicated to quality in all aspects </li><li>Religious curricula </li><li>An effective and stimulating learning environment </li></ul><p>The school is committed to achieving quality in all aspects of its offering and continues to work towards achieving superior performance and wellbeing for its stakeholders. </p><p>GVIC is seeking applications for the role of Head of Learning Enrichment. The successful applicant will display key characteristics in congruence with GVICs core principles and the ethos that it posits. The successful applicant will supplement the Principal, its executive team and key stakeholders in building a collaborative environment within GVIC, supporting the diverse needs of all students and ultimately allowing for all students to reach their full potential. The role will entail proficiency in areas including; dealing with children with diverse needs, putting in place structures to support effective and efficient learning for all students, leading a team of individuals to better cater for students with additional learning and support needs and the implementation of best practises in GVIC. The chosen applicant will exhibit a well-founded understanding of the aforementioned requirements. </p><ul><li>Provide ongoing support to staff and key stakeholders on processes and procedures to better cater for students with diverse educational needs. </li><li>Provide professional advice to the Principal and the school executive team in regards to potential improvements to the school’s current structures to cater for students with diverse educational needs. </li><li>Promote the implementation of structures conducive to success for students with diverse educational needs. </li><li>Work with industry professionals to deliver programs and processes which rectify potential shortfalls in dealing with students who require additional support. </li><li>Assist with the identification of students who require additional learning support. </li><li>Working collaboratively with teachers and staff to tailor College programs to the individual needs of students with special educational needs. </li><li>Liase with parents, teachers and students to best support the educational journey of students with special educational needs from Kindergarten through to year 12 – tailoring their journey to ensure the College best supports their learning. </li><li>Putting in place checks and balances as well as review processes to monitor the overall efficacy of the schools learning enrichment processes. </li><li>Maintaining accurate records and ensuring the school acts in accordance with all legislative requirements imposed by Federal and State authorities in this regard. </li><li>Differentiating teaching programs to best suit all students. </li><li>Working collaboratively with all key stakeholders to best ensure that the College caters for all students. </li><li>Leading and motivating a group of individuals to achieve shared objectives.</li></ul>
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Application Instructions

<p><b>Submit your resume including a cover letter, working with children check clearance letter and phone contacts of three referees to the Principal by email: </b></p><p><a href="http://principal&#64;gvic.nsw.edu.au" rel="nofollow">principal&#64;gvic.nsw.edu.au</a></p><p><b></b></p><p><b> </b><b>Applications close at 4pm on Monday, 8 March 2021. </b></p>


This vacancy is no longer open.