CEO of Coptic Colleges

St Mark's Coptic Orthodox College


Principal / Head of School

Contract Type: Permanent/Ongoing Position Full Time

Applications Close: 30 January 2021

The CEO is the delegated authority of the Coptic Orthodox Board of Education and is responsible for providing management oversight and responsibility of all Coptic Orthodox schools in NSW.

<p><b>ROLE AND RESPONSIBILITIES </b></p><p>The Coptic Orthodox Church in NSW has three K-12 Colleges throughout Sydney and plans to expand. Founded on a Coptic Christian foundation, the colleges have grown steadily over their 20-year history. The strategic vision for the future of Coptic Orthodox Board of Education is <i>to develop a shared services model offering a centralisation of services and operations, including but not limited to, financial management, human relations, information technology, purchasing, operations and curriculum development. </i> </p><p><br /></p><p>The CEO is the delegated authority of the Coptic Orthodox Board of Education and is responsible for providing management oversight and responsibility of all Coptic Orthodox schools in NSW. The CEO is expected to provide strong and clear leadership internally to colleges, staff and students and externally to relevant stakeholders. It is expected that the CEO will: </p><p> </p><p>• Provide a strong, clear leadership to heads of colleges and all college executive teams </p><p>• Ensure the Coptic Orthodox ethos and Christian foundations is embedded in all college codes of conduct and values; </p><p>• Provide leadership direction, goals and energy to college personnel; </p><p>• Create and sustain a culture of Christian behaviour, respect, love and enablement, underpinned by and expressing the values and philosophy of the Coptic Orthodox Faith; </p><p>• Setup and grow a central office of services to deliver efficiencies, standardisation and consistencies across all current and future Coptic colleges; </p><p>• Monitor and interpret the external environment, regulations, policies and procedures in order to continually position all colleges to best advantage; </p><p><br /></p><p>The CEO is accountable to the board for the performance of his/her responsibilities with expectations of the CEO keeping the board informed of all events and circumstances which have, or may be likely to have, a material impact on the colleges and their future. </p><p>• Developing business plans, budgets and strategies for consideration by the board and, to the extent approved by the board, implementing these plans, budgets and strategies; </p><p>• Ensuring all school’s operations and business are within the parameters set by the board from time to time and that the board is kept informed of material developments in school affairs, operations and business; </p><p>• Where proposed transactions, commitments or arrangements exceed threshold parameters set by the board, referring the matter to the board for its consideration and approval; </p><p>• Identifying and managing operational and corporate risks for schools and, where those risks could have a material impact, formulating strategies for managing and mitigating those risks, including for consideration and endorsement (as applicable) by the board; </p><p>• Managing All school’s financial and other reporting mechanisms, and control and monitoring systems, to ensure that these mechanisms and systems capture all relevant material information on a timely basis, are functioning effectively and are founded on a sound basis of prudential risk management; </p><p>• Ensuring that the board is provided with sufficient accurate information on a timely basis in regard to all schools, operations, business and affairs, and in particular with respect to school’s performance, financial condition, operations and prospects, so as to reasonably position the board to fulfil its governance responsibilities; </p><p>• Implementing the policies, processes and codes of conduct approved by the board and facilitating the monitoring and reviewing of, and reporting against, those policies, processes and codes of conduct. </p><p> </p><p><b>QUALIFICATIONS AND EDUCATION REQUIREMENTS </b></p><p>10&#43; years of Head of college experience </p><p>Extensive experience in a broad range of schools across NSW </p><p><b>PREFERRED SKILLS </b></p><p>A Christian ethos and foundation </p><p>Exceptional Leadership and management </p><p>Exceptional communication skills </p><p>Exceptional Organizational management </p><p><b>ADDITIONAL NOTES</b> </p><p>The Coptic Orthodox schools are founded by the Coptic Orthodox Church. The Coptic Orthodox Church of Alexandria is an Oriental Orthodox Christian church based in Egypt, Africa and the Middle East. The Coptic Orthodox Church is the main Christian Church in Egypt, where it has between 6 and 11 million members. While many Copts live in Egypt, the Church has around a million members outside Egypt; there are over 100 churches in the Australia. </p><p><br /></p><p><b>ADVERTISEMENT SUMMARY:</b></p><p><b>Job Title: </b> CEO Job                              <b>Category</b>: Executive            <b>Department/Group:</b> Executive Team </p><p> <b>Job Code/ Req#:</b> Exec001          <b>Location:</b> <u>Wattle Grove, Rockdale, Mount Druitt</u> <b>Travel Required:</b> Yes  </p><p><b> Level/Salary Range: </b> tbc               <b>Position Type:</b> Full Time  <b>HR Contact:</b> Mina Hanna / Monica Ikladios </p><p><b>Date Posted:</b> 24 Dec 2020            <b>Direct Reports:</b> 3 -5                       <b>Applications Close:</b> 30 Jan 2021  </p><p> <b>Applications By EMAIL: </b>CopticEducationBoard&#64;  </p><p> <b>SUBJECT LINE: </b> Application for CEO Exec001 – <i>Fname Sname </i></p><p><br /></p>
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Application Instructions

<p>Please forward Applications and all enquiries addressed directly to: </p><p>The Coptic Education Board</p><p>Attn: Mina Hanna/Monica Ikladios</p><p><a href="mailto:copticEducationBoard&#64;" rel="nofollow">copticEducationBoard&#64;</a></p>