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Contract Type: Permanent/Ongoing Position Full Time

Applications Close: 11 October 2020

(Kindergarten to Year 6, Enrolment 434) St Joseph's Primary School, East Maitland, is a systemic Catholic school situated in the Hunter Valley NSW, catering to students from Kindergarten to Year 6. Committed to meeting the learning needs of all students, the school blends traditional and contemporary learning styles and has a range of first class facilities that serve a wide and diverse cross section of communities, both rural and urban, in the Morpeth and East Maitland Parishes. An exciting opportunity is available for a Coordinator to join the Leadership team. The Coordinator is a key member of the School's Leadership team, which comprises the Principal, Assistant Principal and Religious Education Coordinator. As a member of this team, you will contribute to collaborative decision-making processes; assist the Principal in the planning, implementation and evaluation of school goals; and in the transformation of the school culture into a results-oriented professional learning community. As the Coordinator you will assist and support in: • The day to day operation of the School; • Promotion of the Catholic ethos of the School; • The initiation of and contribution to quality teaching and learning programs; • The promotion of an effective pastoral care program; • The implementation of the School's policies and procedures; and • The promotion of the hospitality, accessibility and visibility of the executive team.

As the Coordinator its required that you demonstrate the capacity to: <br>• Implement and evaluate curriculum initiatives; <br>• Lead and support colleague teachers to improve student learning; <br>• Contribute to the development of quality teaching within a contemporary learning environment; and <br>• Lead the WHS guidelines and safety culture within the school. <br> <h3>Essential Criteria:</h3> <br> • Applicants will need to comply with the Accreditation to Work Teach and Lead - formerly the Faith Education Accreditation (FEA) Policy 2012 and will need to work towards Accreditation at Category D – Accreditation to Teach; <br>• Ability to articulate a clear understanding of and a personal commitment to Catholic Education and the mission of the Church through Catholic schools; <br>• A four-year trained teacher classification and a minimum of five years classroom teaching experience <br>• Proven student success through effective use of literacy and numeracy data to assess and provide feedback and optimise educational outcomes; <br>• Demonstrated ability to model, support and enhance a culture of continuous improvement within the school environment; <br>• Demonstrated excellent interpersonal skills; the ability to work collaboratively and respectfully alongside colleague teachers; <br>• Demonstrated capacity to think and act strategically; to exercise sound judgement; and to support the Principal and School Leadership team in leading pedagogical practice within the school; and <br>• Record current NESA and Working With Children number on application. Note: To start or return to working as a teacher in a NSW school, you must be accredited by NESA <br> <h3>Desirable Criteria:</h3> <br> <br> <h3>Renumeration:</h3> <br> Salary is in accordance with the Enterprise Agreement NSW Wales &amp; Australian Capital Territory Catholic Systemic Schools 2017. The position of Coordinator at this school currently attracts an allowance of $16,382.00 p.a. (2 point position) <br> <h3>Additional Info:</h3> <br> Benefits including: • A corporate fitness program; • Employee assistance program (EAP); • Paid parental leave; • Training and staff development programs; • Access to long service leave after just five years; and • Opportunity for leasing motor vehicles. To Apply: Please email your cover letter addressing the essential criteria and resume to the school Applicants should nominate at least three (3) referees, one of whom must be a parish priest and two other persons one of whom must be the person's current principal and/or area supervisor or consultant. Selection procedure will involve an interview. Intending applicants should carefully consider the criteria before submitting their application. *Please note, not adequately addressing the selection criteria may result in your application not being shortlisted* **Applications will be received up until 11.59 pm on the closing day. <br> <a href="" target="_blank">More Information</a>
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