Learning Leader - Mathematics

Padua College - Mornington


Head of Faculty / Department

Contract Type: Permanent/Ongoing Position Full Time

Applications Close: 23 September 2020

Learning Leader - Mathematics POL 2.5

<p><b>OVERVIEW OF THE ROLE </b></p><p>The Learning Leader explicitly connects high-quality teaching to student engagement, successful learning and positive student outcomes. At Padua, the Learning Leader takes a whole College view. </p><p>Learning Leaders collaborate with Instructional Coaches and Learning and Pedagogy Leaders and the staff within their team to ensure the rigour of individual courses, the quality of teaching across all studies in the learning area and their reflection of the principles of Padua College’s Learning and Teaching Framework. They are instrumental in guiding, supporting, developing and strengthening the attributes, knowledge and skills of staff to ensure that every student’s learning positions him or her for success. </p><p>The Learning Leader works with a large and experienced team focussed on helping our students develop the knowledge, skills and capabilities for active engagement in their future pathways. </p><p>The Learning Leader is a key member of the College’s Learning and Teaching Team and reports directly to the Vice Principal – Learning and Teaching. </p><p><b>MAJOR AREAS OF RESPONSIBILITY </b></p><p>The Learning Leader’s major areas of responsibility include but are not limited to: </p><p>i. Leading curriculum and program development and leading innovation in learning design, including implementation and evaluation within the Learning Area, that aligns with the Learning Principles of Padua’s Learning and Teaching Framework; </p><p>ii. Overseeing course provision to ensure exemplary pedagogy engages students in rigorous and relevant learning experiences that enhance their opportunities for success by embedding the Learning Principles of Padua’s Learning and Teaching Framework within the Learning Area; </p><p>iii. Overseeing the learning and teaching program and providing a formative environment for improved teacher performance in the Learning Area that is consistent with the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers and Padua’s Learning and Teaching Framework </p><p>iv. Perform the duties required to administer the Learning Area effectively; and </p><p>v. Performing other day-to-day duties as requested by the Principal or the College Improvement Team. </p><p><br /></p><p><br /></p>
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Application Instructions

<p>Full position descriptions and College Application Forms can be obtained at the College website at www.padua.vic.edu.au. Application forms for these positions should be returned to the Principal by email to employment&#64;padua.vic.edu.au, accompanied by full Résumé, the names of three referees and university transcripts by <b>4pm on Wednesday 23 September 2020</b>. All applications will be acknowledged on receipt by return email. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted. Other applicants will not receive further communication from the College regarding the position.</p>


This vacancy is no longer open.