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Special Needs

Contract Type: Contract Position Full Time

Applications Close: 30 September 2020

Inclusive Education (Special Needs) Teachers - Deception Bay and Inner City Campus

<p><b>The Context</b></p><p>Arethusa College is an independent, co-educational school catering for students from Year 7 to Year 12. Arethusa College provides an alternative approach to education for students where previous schooling in a mainstream setting has not been successful due to social, emotional, physical, educational, familial or situational difficulties. The College believes that engagement in education has the potential to empower marginalised students.<br /></p><p>Arethusa’s holistic programs aim to re-engage and support students who are experiencing a wide range of risks, challenges and difficulties, aiming to establish a pathway to their employment. By providing flexible learning environments, with targeted and diverse curriculum programs, Arethusa College strives to support and develop its students, both physically, emotionally, socially, spiritually and academically. All programs are underpinned by elements of quality pedagogy, targeted literacy and numeracy development, 21st Century skills, design thinking and the development of responsible, global citizenship.<br /></p><p>Arethusa College offers students a ‘fresh start’ and an alternative approach to education, seeking to develop each student’s core knowledge and skills; as well as guiding them to develop and achieve both personal and career goals. The College provides supportive and educational programs to assist students’ social, emotional and physical health.<br /></p><p><b>The Role </b><br /></p><p>The Inclusive Education Teacher roles will be based at our Deception Bay Campus and our Inner City Campus. It is a unique opportunity for an experienced teacher (minimum of 5 years) to work within a Special Assistance School where individualised and personalised learning is prioritised for students who have previously disengaged from mainstream education. These students present with diverse learning needs and require interventions and adjustments to enable them to flourish and succeed. Involvement and participation in the pastoral care framework of the College, as well as in the co-curricular program, is an integral part of the Inclusive Education teacher’s role.<br /></p><p>This positions works under the direction of the Head of Inclusive Education as part of the wider Inclusive Education Team, towards whole of school inclusive education practices.  It is designed to support students with special needs, learning difficulties and/or social-emotional stressors, to achieve and succeed in their education through enhancing the capacity of teaching teams to build upon inclusive practices within the College. It is underpinned by the College’s firm commitment to inclusion for all students. The ideal candidates will have recent relevant experience within a school setting, will be exceptionally caring and have the ability to develop an excellent rapport with staff, students, families and community members. They will be highly motivated, committed team players, with the ability to both follow guidance of and lead their team members in areas of professional strength as negotiated.  Effective time managers, they will be able to prioritise competing demands, seek assistance from team members when required and develop an effective working relationship with all staff. They will be familiar with funding applications, compliance documents and accountability requirements, as well as having the skills to present and use data to inform teaching.<br /></p><p>The roles reports to the Inclusive Education Coordinator and requires close work with both the campus and cross campus teams to ensure the best outcomes for all students. The Inclusive Education teacher will need good administrative, organisational and record keeping skills as well as high levels of confidentiality.<br /></p><p><b>Key Responsibilities</b><br /></p><p>Consistent with the mission of Arethusa College the position will:<br /></p><p>Develop and maintain effective professional relationships with campus and cross campus teams building capacity of teaching teams to meet the individualised needs of our diverse learners<br /></p><p>Undertake Education Adjustment Program (EAP) verification processes with the families of students with disability</p><p>Follow the whole of school Nationally Consistent Collection of Data (NCCD) procedures including planning, gathering, monitoring and evaluating and reflecting upon the implementation of the process</p><p>Liaise with medical and educational professionals for assessments, diagnoses and the implementation of support programs</p><p>Work closely with teaching teams and College families to support students with special needs and/or learning difficulties</p><p>Facilitate meetings with stakeholders and administrate these plans (such as Individual Education Plans; Education Support Plans etc)</p><p>Develop, implement and monitor appropriate support programs for students together with the Inclusive Education Team        </p><p>Interpret, disseminate and act upon assessments conducted by related specialists such as Speech Pathologists and Educational Psychologists</p><p>Test and diagnose learning difficulties using a range of reputable instruments, both diagnostic and standardised             </p><p>Undertake responsibility, as a teacher, for the care of students</p><p>Adapt teaching by differentiating the written, delivered and assessed curriculum to enhance the learning opportunities and achievements of students             </p><p>Record and maintain up to date and accurate records of student progress</p><p><b><u>Selection Criteria</u></b></p><p><b>1. Qualifications   </b>    <br /></p><p>Experienced teacher (minimum 5 years)<br /></p><p>Graduate or Post-Graduate qualifications in Special Education preferred.</p><p>Registration with the Queensland College of Teachers.    </p><p><b>2. Pedagogy</b>   </p><p>Knowledge of the Australian Curriculum; Disability Discrimination Act (1992); Disability Standards for Education (2005) and the AITSL standards for professional teachers.  <br /></p><p>Knowledge and/or experience in writing IEPs and verification/EAP documents.    </p><p>In-depth knowledge of curriculum requirements relevant to specific year levels and ability to implement innovative and highly effective teaching strategies and programs supporting differentiation for the needs of diverse groups of learners.      </p><p>Experience with the implementation of the Queensland Certificate of Individual Achievement (QCIA) will be well regarded   </p><p><b>3. Student Focus</b></p><p>The ability to support students in developing personal identity, values, a positive self-image, health and wellbeing, sound relationships and empathy with others.   <br /></p><p>An awareness of students’ special needs and the importance of the encouragement of developing a positive work ethic.</p><p>Previous experience working with disengaged students will be an advantage.</p><p><b>4. Professionalism</b></p><p>Ability to articulate and generate enthusiasm for learning and model the skills of a lifelong learner.   <br /></p><p>The presentation of a professional, dedicated and inclusive attitude and demeanour at all times.</p><p>High levels of confidentiality observed. Capacity to operate as a collaborative and team orientated person in a professional work environment       </p><p>Demonstrated capacity to fulfil the key responsibilities of the position.</p><p>Demonstrated engagement with ongoing professional development</p><p>Demonstrated history of responding to requirements of roles and reporting in an accurate and timely manner </p><p><b>5. Communication Skills     </b>            </p><p>Well-developed communication and interpersonal skills, with an emphasis on building and maintaining quality relationships with all members of the College community. <br /></p><p>Well developed written communication skills, including the ability to competently use the Microsoft Office Suite.</p><p>Well developed presentation skills with the ability to lead professional teaching teams to greater understanding of disability (eg ADHD; ASD etc) inclusive education processes (eg NCCD etc) and practices (eg specific interventions).</p><p><b>6. Personal Characteristics  </b>     </p><p>Willingness to both follow direction and lead within the whole of school Inclusive Education team as negotiated      <br /></p><p>Enthusiasm, initiative and a keen interest in working with students with learning challenges.   </p><p>Teaching style actively promotes student inquiry, creativity and higher-order thinking and uses techniques, such as scaffolding, for supporting students in encountering new or challenging content or tasks.                </p><p>A strong focus on achieving positive learning experiences and outcomes for students is required as well as flexibility and the ability to adapt and operate effectively in a demanding and changing environment.     </p><p>Willingness to actively participate in and support the co-curricular program of the College.     </p><p><b>7. ICT Skills  </b>                                   </p><p>Familiarity with inclusive software and devices<br /></p><p>Competency with computer technology and a willingness to maintain and develop skills through professional development including the Microsoft Office Suite and Teams             </p><p>Willingness/capability to utilise technology across the curriculum </p><p><b>8. Spirituality</b></p><p>An understanding of and respect for Christian values and demonstrable support for the College’s ethos.     <br /></p><p><b>All applications to include a cover letter addressing the selection criteria and a detailed resume. </b></p><p><b>Apply</b>          <b>:</b>        <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a></p><p><b>Start date</b>    <b>:</b>  Term 4 and January 2021<br /></p>
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