Inclusive Education Support Officer

Arethusa College

Spring Hill, QLD

Learning Support / Teacher's Aide

Contract Type: Contract Position Full Time

Applications Close: 30 September 2020

Inclusive Education (Special Needs) Support Officer - Deception Bay Campus and Inner City Campus

<p><b>The Context</b></p><p>Arethusa College is an independent, co-educational school catering for students from Year 7 to Year 12. Arethusa College provides an alternative approach to education for students where previous schooling in a mainstream setting has not been successful due to social, emotional, physical, educational, familial or situational difficulties. The College believes that engagement in education has the potential to empower marginalised students.<br /></p><p><u><b>Mission and Values</b></u><br /></p><p><b>Mission</b><br /></p><p>Arethusa College is one school with many campuses that exist to reconnect disengaged students, by creating alternative educational communities that facilitate, ‘Real Connections’, ‘Real Learning’ &amp; ‘Real Futures’.<br /></p><p><b>Values</b><br /></p><p>Arethusa College is committed to creating a culture where we in practical ways ‘Believe in our students’, ‘Where we Expect of them’ and ‘Where we Celebrate with them’. <br /></p><p><b>The Role</b><br /></p><p>Due to increased student numbers we have a number of exciting Inclusive Education Support Officer positions available at our Deception Bay Campus and Inner City Campus.<br /></p><p>The Inclusive Education Support Officer role is a unique opportunity to work within a Special Assistance School where individualised and personalised learning is prioritised for students who have previously disengaged from mainstream education. These students present with diverse learning needs and require interventions and adjustments to enable them to flourish and succeed. Involvement and participation in the pastoral care framework of the College, as well as in the co-curricular program, is an integral part of the Inclusive Education Support Officer ’s role.<br /></p><p>This position works under the direction of the Inclusive Education Coordinator as part of the wider Inclusive Education team, towards whole of school inclusive education practices. It is designed to support students with special needs, learning difficulties and/or social-emotional stressors, to achieve and succeed in their education, building upon inclusive practices within the College. It is underpinned by the College’s firm commitment to inclusion for all students. The ideal candidate will have recent relevant experience within a school setting, be exceptionally caring and can develop an excellent rapport with staff, students, families and community members. They will be highly motivated, committed team players, with effective time management skills.  They will be able to prioritise competing demands, seek assistance from team members when required and develop an effective working relationship with all staff.  They will be familiar or willing to develop familiarity with funding applications, compliance documents and accountability requirements, as well as having the skills to present and use data to inform teaching.<br /></p><p>The role reports to the Inclusive Education Coordinator and requires close work with the Inclusive Education Teachers, campus and cross campus teams to ensure the best outcomes for all students. The Inclusive Education Support Officer will need strong administrative, organisational and record keeping skills as well as high levels of confidentiality.<br /></p><p>Arethusa College values the instrumental role the Inclusive Educational Support Officer (IESO) plays in supporting the quality of teaching and learning experiences for students. Students learn best when they are engaged by staff who are passionate about transforming lives through the power of education and lifelong learning.<br /></p><p><b>Key Responsibilities</b><br /></p><p><b>Consistent with the mission of Arethusa College:</b><br /></p><p><b>1. Support strategic direction</b><br /></p><p>Demonstrates a willingness to contribute to and support the overall strategic direction of Arethusa College, including the implementation of College policies and procedures.<br /></p><p><b>2. Achieve results</b><br /></p><p>Demonstrates an ability to complete tasks in a timely and efficient manner; ability to prioritise and manage multiple tasks; ability to carry out tasks as directed by the Inclusive Education Coordinator.<br /></p><p><b>3. Support Inclusive Education</b><br /></p><p>Demonstrates an ability to undertake tasks in support of whole of school processes including Education Adjustment Program (EAP) and Nationally Consistent Collection of Data (NCCD) and intensive interventions under the guidance of the Inclusive Education Coordinator.<br /></p><p><b>4. Promote a safe work environment</b><br /></p><p>Promotes safe work practices by adhering to relevant health and safety policies and risk assessments; implements safety measures in daily tasks; proactive in identifying risks in the workplace and follows the appropriate procedures to ensure hazards, risks and incidents are reported according to Arethusa College policies and procedures.<br /></p><p><b>5. Support productive working relationships</b><br /></p><p>Operates as an effective team member; demonstrates an ability to contribute positively and collaboratively to the College culture; responds to the needs of other campus staff by providing assistance as required; demonstrates a willingness and ability to foster working relationships with Arethusa College on the whole (i.e. other campuses, Business Hub)<br /></p><p><b>6. Display personal drive and integrity</b><br /></p><p>Ability to complete tasks correctly with limited supervision; commits energy and drive to see that goals are achieved to College standards; demonstrates integrity in interactions with others, in performing duties of the IESO role and supporting the College’s mission.<br /></p><p><b>7. Communicate effectively</b><br /></p><p>Communicates both in writing and verbally in a clear, concise and professional manner with staff, students, parents/carers and other stakeholders; demonstrates sensitivity to matters of a confidential nature and handles these issues appropriately.<br /></p><p><b>8. Restorative Practices</b><br /></p><p>Work proactively to ensure and foster positive relationship between staff and students, whereby the key principles of Restorative Practices are valued and upheld.<br /></p><p><b><u>Selection Criteria</u></b><br /></p><p><b>Qualifications</b>    <br /></p><p>Graduate or Post-Graduate qualifications in Inclusive Education/Special Education preferred.    <br /></p><p><b>Pedagogy</b>    </p><p><b>Knowledge of the Australian Curriculum</b><br /></p><p>Knowledge or experience in delivering interventions to support students with learning difficulties/disabilities within the classroom, small group or 1:1 setting.      </p><p><b>Student Focu</b>s           </p><p>The ability to support students in developing personal identity, values, a positive self-image, health and wellbeing, sound relationships and empathy with others.   <br /></p><p>An awareness of students’ special needs and the importance of the encouragement of developing a positive work ethic.</p><p>Previous experience working with disengaged students will be an advantage.</p><p><b>Professionalism </b>                                                                  </p><p>Ability to articulate and generate enthusiasm for learning and model the skills of a lifelong learner.   <br /></p><p>The presentation of a professional, dedicated and inclusive attitude and demeanour always.                                 </p><p>Capacity to operate as a collaborative and team orientated person in a professional work environment.    </p><p>Demonstrated capacity to fulfil the key responsibilities of the position, accept direction, work efficiently and meet deadlines.</p><p>Demonstrated engagement with ongoing professional development.   </p><p><b>Communication Skills      </b> </p><p>Well-developed communication and interpersonal skills, with an emphasis on building and maintaining quality relationships with all members of the College community.   <br /></p><p><b>Personal Characteristics </b>         </p><p>Enthusiasm, initiative and a keen interest in working with students with learning challenges.   <br /></p><p>A strong focus on achieving positive learning experiences and outcomes for students is required as well as flexibility and the ability to adapt and operate effectively in a demanding and changing environment.   </p><p>Willingness to actively participate in and support the co-curricular program of the College.     </p><p><b>ICT Skills </b>        </p><p>Familiarity with Microsoft Office Suite.<br /></p><p>Familiarity or the ability to become familiar with inclusive software and devices</p><p>Competency with computer technology and a willingness to maintain and develop skills through professional development.                                        </p><p><b>Spirituality  </b>   </p><p>An understanding of and respect for Christian values and demonstrable support for the College’s ethos.                         <br /></p><p><b>Please note:</b> Previous applicants need not reapply.</p><p><b>Applicants will have a current Working with Children (Blue Card)</b></p><p><b>Apply:</b>    <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a></p><p><b>Start date:  </b>Term 4 and January 2021<br /></p><p><br /></p><p><br /></p>
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