EOI- Casual Secondary Teachers

St Agnes Catholic High School - Rooty Hill


Secondary Teacher

Contract Type: Casual/Relief Position

Applications Close: 5 June 2020

Teachers within the Diocese are responsible to the Principal and shares in the learning and teaching of subject matters to students of the school community. Teachers are responsible for delivering high quality contemporary learning and teaching for the community they serve which is embedded in the Catholic world view. It is a collaborative ministry of witness and service and part of the evangelising mission of the Church.

<p>St Agnes Catholic High School is looking for skilled, contemporary and passionate Casual Secondary Teachers to be part of our school community and enrich the lives of our students. Blocks of work are available to the successful applicant. Teaching across KLAs would be an advantage.</p> <p><strong>Key focus areas</strong></p> <p>Secondary Teachers will fit the following criteria:</p> <p>-Extensive pedagogical knowledge base and understanding of how the identified subject areas are learned, what affects students’ opportunities to learn the subject matter and how the learning and teaching of the subject matter can be enhanced.</p> <p>-Understanding of how to differentiate learning to cater for students needs in order to maximise student learning.</p> <p>-Sound understanding of the learning environments, lesson plans, use of technology, teaching practices and delivery of assessment and learning feedback.</p> <p>-Committed to the continual improvement of their teaching practice and take opportunities for personal professional development.</p> <p>-Work creatively and constructively within a range of 'communities' inside and beyond the school and set high, achievable goals for themselves and their students.</p> <p>-Able to motivate students to achieve and to develop a life-long love of learning.</p> <p>Additionally the criteria for the Learning Mentor can be found within the attachment.</p> <p><strong>The Organisation</strong></p> <p>Catholic Education within the Diocese of Parramatta provides quality learning and teaching in a faith-centred environment in its primary and secondary schools and for early learning and out of school hours care centres in western Sydney. One of the largest employers in western Sydney, Catholic Education's recruitment, selection and appointment processes reflect its purpose and intent, and that is to provide quality Catholic schooling by strengthening the professional lives of staff, and to improve the learning outcomes for each student within a Catholic faith community.</p> <p>Further information regarding the school can be found via the below :</p> <p><a href="http://www.stagnesrootyhill.catholic.edu.au/">http://www.stagnesrootyhill.catholic.edu.au/</a></p> <p><img src="https://az29734.vo.msecnd.net/static/people/icons/icon_file_small.gif" alt="Download File">&nbsp;<a href="https://secure.dc2.pageuppeople.com/apply/TransferRichTextFile.ashx?sData=UFUtVjMtUrmDwv9ex7Ey7Kz8gIIoiICxfKCGrG4YTBtDQ2iEMN_kOWGW_tHu4QmjEzKwWU_Zsm3sup_i_D7gJLEbztYZ_U6IidizQ0uk9uFfcPIwcSa3_cryAxpKKh9UOxATTf9eFjdwrW5-dGJDxC1W9xttmg%7e%7e">Learning Mentor St Agnes.pdf</a></p>
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