Education Consultant: Science and/or Mathematics Years 7 - 12

The Association of Independent Schools of NSW

Sydney, NSW

Secondary Teacher

Contract Type: Permanent/Ongoing Position Full Time

Applications Close: 7 February 2020

AISNSW is seeking a full-time consultant in the area of Years 7 - 12 Science and/or Mathematics, working within the Teaching and Learning Team. Teaching and Learning at AISNSW provides professional learning, support and advice related to curriculum and pedagogy. We work directly with schools, offer a wide range of professional learning services and represent the needs and views of the sector. The role is designed to support schools and the team in all aspects of this work, with a particular focus on Science and/or Mathematics.

<p><b>You will work closely within a team to</b>: </p><p>• Provide advice, support and guidance to independent schools in the area of your expertise </p><p>• Broker, establish and maintain connections with teachers and school leaders both within your discipline area and beyond it </p><p>• Design and deliver professional learning that is based upon principles of adult learning </p><p>• Support work in the area of STEM </p><p>• Contribute to the organisation of major AISNSW conferences and events </p><p>• Create resources to support schools and teachers </p><p>• Represent AISNSW on various committees and in a range of forums. </p><p><b>You will: </b></p><p>• Demonstrate a service-oriented approach </p><p>• Be a highly effective communicator </p><p>• Work confidently and capably independently </p><p>• Thrive in an energetic and dynamic team environment </p><p>• Possess expertise in either secondary Mathematics or Science (or both) </p><p><b>Education and Experience </b></p><p>You will have: </p><p>• An appreciation of the diversity of independent schools </p><p>• Experience and expertise in teaching the NSW Syllabus for Stages 4, 5 and 6 in Science and/or Mathematics </p><p>• Engagement with current educational research and it’s practical application </p><p>• Experience in building and strengthening professional relationships in diverse settings. </p><p>As part of the application process, candidates are required to provide a Statement of Suitability for the Role (maximum one page) indicating how their education and experience has made them suitable for this role. </p><p> </p><p><b>General conditions of the role </b> </p><p><b>Hours of Work</b>: The role is full-time </p><p><b>Annual Leave</b>: Four weeks annual leave is provided </p><p><b>Professional Learning: </b>A meeting for all staff is held once per term that is tailored to be informative, practical and collaborative in nature. Other professional learning opportunities that develop and support career development are arranged throughout the year. </p><p><b>Reporting Line:</b> All positions are overseen by the Chief Executive and the Chief Operating Officer. </p><p><b>Application Process </b></p><p>Candidates are required to provide a: </p><p>• Covering letter </p><p>• Statement of Suitability for the Role (see the Education and Experiences section above) </p><p>• Copy of their full curriculum vitae (copies of qualifications and the names of two referees are also requested. Referees will be contacted only after prior consultation with the candidate). </p><p>• AISNSW Employment Application Form. </p><p>Applications close <b>Friday 7 February 2020. </b></p><p>Please direct any questions and applications to: </p><p>Margaret Molloy </p><p>Manager: Human Resources </p><p>AISNSW </p><p>Level 12, 99 York Street SYDNEY NSW 2000 </p><p>Phone: (02) 9299 2845 </p><p>Email: hr&#64; </p><p><br /></p><p><br /></p>
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