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Bellfield College


Learning Support / Teacher's Aide

Contract Type: Contract Position Part Time (0.60 FTE)

Applications Close: 21 February 2020

Part time contract - 3 days per week

<p><strong>Learning Support Teacher </strong><br /></p><p>The Learning Support Teacher will provide direct and timely specialist assistance to students in regular classes with additional learning and support needs, with a focus on students who fall into the NCCD Substantial Level of Adjustment. </p><p>The role will reflect the needs of individual students and school priorities and programs that support students with additional learning and support needs. </p><p>The role will be underpinned by a collaborative and consultative approach so that the student and/or their parent or carer are actively involved in the student’s education. </p><p>            The Learning Support Teacher will: </p><p>- Provide additional support and individualised instruction in a highly structured manner, including adjustments for students to most courses, curriculum areas, activities &amp; assessments. </p><p>- Provide personalised and explicit instruction to support one or more learning areas </p><p>- Plan personal care and/or safety support or intervention, in addition to active monitoring and supervision. </p><p>- Provide adjustments to enable access to learning, which includes, but is not limited to: </p><p>• Specialised equipment </p><p>• Specific planning for access to activities or facilities </p><p>• Closely monitored playground supervision </p><p>• Modification to school environments, such as buildings and facilities </p><p>• Environmental adjustments to support participation in learning </p><p>            Duties will also include: </p><p>• work collaboratively with the classroom teacher to support assessment for learning of their students with additional educational needs and identify specific learning and support needs </p><p>• plan, implement, model, monitor and evaluate teaching programs for students with additional learning and support needs in conjunction with regular classroom teachers </p><p>• plan, implement, model, monitor and evaluate personalised adjustments for learning where required, with the classroom teacher, student and/or parent or carer </p><p>• model exemplary classroom practice when tailoring adjusted learning programs for students with additional learning needs </p><p>• provide direct support for students with additional learning and support needs through a range of strategies (including direct instruction, delivery of adjusted learning programs, assessment and monitoring of progress) including the areas of social integration, language and communication, literacy, numeracy and behaviour. This may include students with confirmed disabilities. </p><p>• provide professional specialist advice, support and mentoring to classroom teachers on: - how best to cater for the diverse learning needs in their classrooms, and </p><p>- how to effectively work in partnership with families to maximise learning opportunities for students at school and at home </p><p>• provide professional specialist advice and assistance about students with additional learning needs to the school’s learning and support team </p><p>• assist with professional learning for class teachers and support officers </p><p><strong>Please address all applications to Sarah Fisher via email sarah.fisher&#64;bellfield.nsw.edu.au. </strong></p><p><strong>For further information about the role, please contact us on (02) 9606 2666 </strong></p><p><strong><br /></strong></p> <p></p>
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