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Casual Teaching Block $42/hour

Got Game

Alexandria, NSW

Primary Teacher

Teaching Subject: Health, Outdoor Education, Physical Education, PDHPE

Contract Type: Casual/Relief Position

Applications Close: 1 March 2019

Casual Sports Teachers, teaching sports exclusively in Sydney primary schools and being part of our committed full time team of 25+ PE Teachers improving PE lessons one school at a time.

<p><strong>To:</strong><strong> Casual Sports Teachers</strong><br /><strong>Re:</strong><strong> Block - Teaching sports exclusively</strong><br /><strong>Location:</strong><strong> 100&#39;s of primary schools</strong><br /><strong>Hours:</strong><strong> 10 to 20 hours per week for 10 weeks</strong><br /><strong>Pay:</strong><strong> $42 per hour</strong></p><p><strong>7 Essentials:</strong></p> <p><strong>1.      </strong><strong>Understanding this is not a classroom role</strong><br /><strong>2.      </strong><strong>Education Degree or 2 years Teaching Experience</strong><br /><strong>3.      </strong><strong>Must be available Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday</strong><br /><strong>4.      </strong><strong>Contracted &amp; Committed for 10 weeks</strong><br /><strong>5.      </strong><strong>Arrival at schools 8.30am without fail</strong><br /><strong>6.      </strong><strong>Gymnastics or Dance or Athletics experience</strong><br /><strong>7.      </strong><strong>2 referees or applications are not considered</strong><br /></p> <p><strong>7 Exceptionals:</strong><br /></p><p><strong>1.      </strong><strong>Industry experience</strong><br /><strong>2.      </strong><strong>Wants to teach sports exclusively</strong><br /><strong>3.      </strong><strong>Interested in full time progression</strong><br /><strong>4.      </strong><strong>Highly energetic</strong><br /><strong>5.      </strong><strong>Attentive to detail</strong><br /><strong>6.      </strong><strong>Reliable and over prepared</strong><br /><strong>7.      </strong><strong>Ambitious and competitive</strong></p><p><b>At Got Game you; </b></p><ul><li>Teach physical education 100% of the time </li><li>Teach primary pupils 100% of the time </li><li>Deliver lessons outdoors 90% of the time </li><li>Are provided with lesson plans for each day </li><li>Teach different grades each day </li><li>Teach various sports each week </li><li>Experience numerous schools and demographics </li><li>Part of a supportive team of 25&#43; PE teachers </li><li>Get ongoing training and education </li><li>Work autonomously and are self-managed </li></ul><p> <b>At Got Game you do not; </b></p><ul><li>Teach the other 5 learning areas </li><li>Need to understand and teach the entire curriculum </li><li>Do unit planning and lesson preparation daily </li><li>Have the pressure of NAPLAN scores </li><li>Undertake individual student reports each term </li><li>Deal directly with parents for interviews and meetings </li></ul>
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Application Instructions

<p>If this sounds like your ideal career and you thrive in a results orientated environment, then please go to <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> to answer qualifying questions or contact <a href="mailto:recruit&#64;" rel="nofollow">recruit&#64;</a> for further enquiry. </p>


This vacancy is no longer open.