Business Manager

Newmark Primary

Williamstown, VIC 

Business / Finance Manager

Contract Type: Permanent/Ongoing Position Full Time

Applications Close: 9 October 2023

If you’re an experienced Business Manager with an eye for detail and a passion for innovation in education, this opportunity is for you!

<p><b>ABOUT NEWMARK PRIMARY - Making education meaningful</b></p><p>At Newmark Primary we inspire children to be curious learners, empathetic thinkers and courageous doers through authentic learning grounded in real-life experiences. We immerse children in the world around them, showing them the problems and opportunities in it. </p><p>We encourage our children to be bold – to question the status quo, to get stuck in and make their mark. Giving them the emotional strength and practical know-how to find solutions that propel positive change in their communities and beyond. <br /></p><p><b>THE OPPORTUNITY</b><br /></p><p>We’re looking for someone who is an experienced Business Manager, and will thrive being part of a school that is progressive and ambitious. Our Business Manager will contribute to the school’s strategic expansion plans, oversee the school’s finance and administration team, continue to strengthen the operational frameworks and ensure the school continues to meet all compliance regulations.  </p><p><b>THE ROLE</b></p><ul><li>Job Title: Business Manager </li><li>Time Fraction: Full-time </li><li>Commencement: October 2023</li></ul><p><b>KEY RESPONSIBILITIES </b></p><p>Financial Planning and Management</p><ul><li>Assist with the implementation of the strategic plan</li><li>Oversee the preparation of the business plan and budget</li><li>Oversee financial processes</li><li>Oversee internal and external financial reporting </li><li>Oversee financial audits</li><li>Oversee finance policies and procedures</li><li>Provide communication of financial risks to leadership and board </li><li>Provide recommendations for system / process enhancements</li><li>Prepare funding submissions and grant applications</li></ul><p>Risk and Compliance</p><ul><li>Keep up-to-date with current compliance requirements for the school</li><li>Oversee commonwealth and state data submissions </li><li>Oversee the audit and risk management processes</li></ul><p>Human Resources</p><ul><li>Assist in the management of recruitment and induction procedures of support staff</li><li>Research, plan and prepare development programs for support staff</li><li>Provide authoritative advice to the principal on support structures and work practices</li><li>Manage procedures relating to employee relations issues</li><li>Assist in the development of workforce planning</li><li>Assist in the development of work practices that ensure appropriate Occupational Health and Safety standards are maintained</li></ul><p>Buildings and Grounds</p><ul><li>Coordinate the use and maintenance of school buildings and equipment</li><li>Contribute to the school’s campus expansion plans</li><li>Assist in implementing induction programs for subcontractors and service providers</li><li>Prepare and manager subcontractors agreements / contracts</li><li>Supervise the delivery of contracted services</li><li>Liaise and negotiate with service providers, vendors and brokers in respect to the cost and quality of services</li><li>Provide administrative support to external service providers, as required</li></ul><p>Platform Management</p><ul><li>Oversee and manage the use of technology platforms</li><li>Evaluate and report on the operational efficiency of technology platforms, making recommendations for improvement where appropriate</li><li>Work with technology vendors and school leaders to ensure technology is fit for purpose</li></ul><p>General Administration</p><ul><li>Manage the processing of admissions, registrations, enrolments and transfers</li><li>Provide a required level of administrative support for school events, functions and projects</li></ul><p>Support School Board</p><ul><li>Prepare operational and financial reports for the board</li><li>Attend School Board and Finance, Audit and Risk Committee meetings </li></ul><p>Child Safety</p><ul><li>Be familiar with and comply with the schools Child Safe policies and procedures</li><li>Assist in the provision of a child safe environment</li></ul><p><b>ADDITIONAL SKILLS and QUALIFICATIONS</b></p><p>The Business Manager will demonstrate capacity to:</p><ul><li>Use Excel, Xero and Google Docs/Sheets</li><li>Be organised and meet deadlines</li><li>Be detail-oriented</li><li>Work collaboratively, using the existing processes and frameworks</li><li>Find solutions to problems </li><li>Communicate respectfully and clearly (spoken and written text)</li><li>Contribute to strategic planning and implementation</li><li>Lead multiple projects and oversee support team projects</li><li>Move rapidly while maintaining high quality performance</li><li>Seek and use feedback to improve performance</li></ul><p>The Business Manager will have the following qualifications and experience:</p><ul><li>Bachelor’s Degree in business or related field (required)</li><li>Current Working With Children Check (required)</li><li>Experience in educational settings (desirable)</li></ul><p><b>APPLY</b></p><p>Please email your cover letter and resume to careers&#64; In your cover letter, please tell us about yourself, your passions and interests, and what you think you could add to our team.</p><p>Applications close: Monday 9th October 2023</p><p><br /></p>
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Application Instructions

<p>Please email your cover letter and resume to <a href="mailto:careers&#64;" rel="nofollow">careers&#64;</a></p><p> In your cover letter, please tell us about yourself, your passions and interests, and what you think you could add to our team.</p>